Tips on What to Do If You Swallow Mouthwash

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Did you accidentally swallow your mouthwash? If so, it’s important to stay calm and keep your worries away. You have come to the right blog. Our dentist, Dr. Roy A. Smith, III, is happy to help you by telling you what to expect and giving you recommendations on what to do next.

If you have swallowed a small amount of mouthwash, you don’t need to panic. There is nothing to worry about. You might experience some queasiness and have diarrhea, but that’s all. The sickness should pass within a couple days. To keep this from happening again, make a goal for yourself to not swallow the rinse. If necessary, block out any distractions by closing and locking the bathroom door when you rinse.

If you have swallowed an unsafe amount of mouthwash, you need to check the product’s label to see if it has potentially poisonous ingredients. Some ingredients to look for are fluoride or ethanol. If it has dangerous ingredients, call the National Poison Control Center for help. All you need to do is dial 1-800-222-1222 and they can give you the quick and confidential help you need. In severe cases, go to the Emergency Room. The symptoms you are likely to experience include:

– Dizziness
– Drowsiness
– Trouble breathing
– Convulsions (for serious cases)
– Coma (for serious cases)

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