Dental Crowns Will Restore Your Smile

Dental crowns can offer a solution to your smile. Over time, your teeth can become week, injured, or destroyed by cavities, which would require the use of a dental crown. A dental crown is a common dental restoration that can restore a tooth, change a tooth’s size, shape, and appearance. There are many reasons to… Read more »

An Overview of Tooth Whitening Products and Procedures

The natural processes of aging along with factors like tobacco use, staining foods and drink can cause unappealing stains on your teeth. How deeply stained your teeth are will directly influence the whitening products or procedures needed to give you a bright, white smile. Make sure you talk to your dentist before starting any tooth… Read more »

Dealing with a Lost or Loose Crown

While your new crown and the abutment anchoring it to your jaw is designed to be durable, there are a few rare occasions where it might become loose or fall out. Blows to the face and issues with chronic gum disease are two of the more common sources of a problematic crown. If you have… Read more »