Fulfilling the Uses of a Dental Crown

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Our team, at Rocky Ridge Dental Associates, is pleased to offer custom-made dental crowns when it comes to restoring the use of a damaged or decayed tooth. We can provide further information on the uses of dental crowns and how they can impact your oral health.

How can a dental crown benefit me?
These dental restorations perform many functions and can be paired with other dental restorations to achieve the following:

– Enhancing cosmetic flaws in a tooth
– Completing a dental implant above the gum line
– Strengthening a weak tooth
– Preventing a cracked tooth from breaking into pieces
– Protecting a weak tooth after it received a large dental filling
– Creating anchors for a dental bridge

What is required to care for a dental crown?
We encourage you to maintain good oral hygiene since your dental crown can still be affected by dental issues. Every day, floss your teeth and rinse with antibacterial mouthwash and brush your teeth twice a day.

What is the lifespan of a dental crown?
Typically, five to 15 years is the expected lifespan, but it depends on how well you care for your restoration.

If you feel you would benefit from dental crowns in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, give our team a call at 205-979-8070 today to talk to Dr. Roy A. Smith, III, our dentist.