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Solid health is wonderful, but that doesn’t mean it will always last continually. As people grow, their mouths tend to erode more quickly and require more maintenance, jaw muscles weaken, taste buds become less sensitive and the nerves in teeth shrink, making it harder to notice tooth pain and/or gum disease. If you’ve reached advanced age and you see the dentist sparsely, oral health difficulties may develop and lead to major harm before they can be treated.

If you’re concerned about aging and dental health, there are some things you should be aware of:

-Brushing teeth often is more imperative than ever before. Because teeth and gums become more difficult to maintain, you’ve got to be on your guard to ward off gum disease.

-Cavities affect people of all ages! Adults get just as many cavities than children, so ensure that you’re flossing daily to get rid of bacteria-feeding, acid-creating debris from your teeth.

-Watch carefully for signs of dry mouth. Several medicines can possibly lead to dry mouth.

If you’re getting older, the time has never been better to double-down on your oral health. Come see us in our Vestavia Hills, Alabama, office for a dental checkup with Dr. Roy A. Smith, III and further advice on caring for teeth in advanced age. You can schedule an appointment by calling us at 205-979-8070.