Dental Veneers Can Be a Convenient Cosmetic Dental Solution

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A smile that has been marred by visual imperfections, like yellowed tooth enamel, chips, old fillings, and discolored teeth, can impact your self-esteem. Rather than learning to live with a limited social life, many people in a situation like this will call 205-979-8070 to explore their cosmetic dental solutions at Rocky Ridge Dental Associates.

The specific option Dr. Roy A. Smith, III recommends will depend on the nature and severity of the imperfection in your smile. In many cases, the most convenient option is to cosmetically enhance each tooth in your smile with dental veneers.

This is a two-part dental restoration that starts with a thorough examination of each tooth in your smile. This will help assess the health and integrity of each tooth and its viability for dental veneers. If one or two teeth lack the sufficient enamel to secure a dental veneer, Dr. Roy A. Smith, III might recommend having that tooth restored with a porcelain dental crown.

Then, Dr. Roy A. Smith, III will remove a small amount of enamel from the face of each tooth. Next, he will create a detailed impression of each tooth in your smile. This will be sent to a professional dental lab technician who will custom craft each dental veneer.

The second stage of the cosmetic restoration can begin once the dental lab tech has completed your veneers. During this appointment, Dr. Roy A. Smith, III will cement the corresponding veneer into place.

The porcelain material will be bright white and less receptive to stains than natural tooth enamel. With proper care and cleaning, your dental veneers will serve you with a white and winning smile for many years to come.

If you are concerned about the appearance of your smile and are interested in dental veneers in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, you should call 205-979-8070 to explore your cosmetic dental solutions at Rocky Ridge Dental Associates.