Are You Ready to Find out How Your Oral Health Care Measures Up?

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Do you have excellent oral health care? Is your smile that of legend, or is it one that doesn’t get the attention it deserves? Do you think you are at the top of the mountain in terms of terrific smiles? If so, take the following oral health care quiz to see how well you truly measure up:

– I floss at least once daily.
– I eat healthy meals from all five major foods groups in accordance with a healthy diet.
– I never have snacks between meals.
– I often use cleaning products such as mouthwash and sugarless gum after eating to limit the risk of tooth decay and tooth enamel loss.
– I get regular checkups at my dentist and attend my bi-annual professional cleanings.
– I use safety gear when playing contact sports or participating in activities that are risky for my oral health.
– I actively try to combat the effects of halitosis (bad breath) by brushing my tongue and teeth.
– I avoid bad habits that can damage my smile, such as chewing and smoking tobacco.
– I avoid dangerous drugs and medications that may cause dry mouth symptoms or tooth decay.
– I always make sure to follow the instructions of my dentist for my oral health care.

Give yourself 1 point for each time you said “yes” and 0 points for each time you said “no.”
1-4 points: Your oral health hygiene habits are lacking, and need to be improved.
5-9 points: Your oral health hygiene habits are ok, but there is still room for growth.
10 points: Congratulations, you are on your way to becoming an oral health superstar!

How well did you do? If you would like to speak with Dr. Roy A. Smith, III and our team about scheduling an oral examination or bi-annual professional cleaning, please call our dentist office of Rocky Ridge Dental Associates in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, at 205-979-8070. Our dentists look forward to crafting you the smile of your dreams.