Exploring Your Options for Improving Your Smile

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They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and a big part of that first impression comes from having a bright and winning smile. If the teeth in your smile are chipped, deeply stained, or have visible past dental work, you might want to explore your options for improving your smile.

The dental professionals here are all highly trained and experienced with a wide variety of cosmetic improvement options. The manner of imperfection you are trying to improve, and how deeply your teeth are stained, will determine the treatment option we recommend for you.

Many people choose to have the teeth in their smile fitted with dental veneers to remedy teeth with chips and deep staining issues. The veneers are custom crafted in a dental lab out of a porcelain that will fit over the faces of the teeth in your smile.

If the teeth in your smile are only marred by deep stains caused by dark foods and drinks or the natural processes of aging, you might be interested in whitening products or procedures. At Rocky Ridge Dental Associates we can help you identify the underlying cause of the stains, and determine the best method to meet your teeth whitening goals.

In some situations, where the stains on your teeth are only minor to moderate, they could be progressively whitened by the use of whitening toothpaste, whitening strips or a tooth whitening gel you can use at home.

If your teeth are deeply stained or you use tobacco products, you might want to look at stronger measures. At Rocky Ridge Dental Associates we offer an in-office dental teeth-whitening procedure that employs concentrated whitening agents that are significantly stronger than anything available in stores.

If you would like to explore your teeth whitening options or you would like to know more about being fitted for dental veneers, please call Rocky Ridge Dental Associates at 205-979-8070 to schedule an appointment.